3as4 Design Studio

Location: New York, NY.
Type: Fashion Design.
Size: 2500 sf / 750 M2.
Program: Fashion, Runway & Store.
Client: 3as4.
Status: Ongoing.

Located in the Lower East Side in New York the 3 partner’s of 3as4 work out of a 3rd floor walk up studio in which all parts of the fashion design and clothing is produced.

3as4 is facing the same situation as many up and coming fashion designers, they are simultaneously trying to straddle the line of creating extraordinary runway designs with the need for generating everyday fashion lines, establishing them as both couture and casual.

With this as a starting point, the project is designed around the parameters of a multifunctional space that on different occasions can serve specific situations. By installing all the workstations on a floor track a rapid spatial transformation allows for the studio to be workspace, store, meeting room and runway with minimal effort.