75 Wall Living

Location: New York, US.
Type: Invited Proposal.
Size: 250 Hotel Rooms, 200 Residences.
Program: Hotel, Residential, Restaurant, Bar, Spa, Conference Room.
Collaborators: Rockwellgroup.
Status: Completed 2011.

Wall Street’s rich history as the site of both an early frontier wall and the birthplace of the modern stock exchange inform the project’s design. The concept is based on “breaching the wall,” an idea developed through exposing a series of nature-inspired interiors and by revealing secret glimpses of the diverse programmatic elements integrated throughout the building.

Given the building’s unique context, it’s adjacent to the only park in the vicinity and is also the only free-stranding structure in the area, the design draws on Wall Street’s history by invoking the birth of the actual stock exchange, the informal trading that took place under the tree, and the notion of Wall Street as the division between inside and outside, the hidden and the known.

The lobby, lounge bar and restaurant are designed as a continuous flow of levels connected by a central feature staircase. Designed as a sculpted branch, the freestanding staircase takes the guest below to the spa and conference room areas and above to both the lounge and restaurant. Moving along the stair, the visitor will transition from a calm, luxurious lobby to an upscale bar to an relaxed, intimate restaurant.

The hotel rooms focus on a high degree of flexibility allowing the guest to physically change the room to meet personal needs. Each standard room has an spinning wardrobe closets, oversized soaking tub and ample adjustable works pace.