Bolong Mediatek

Location: Tianjin, China
Type: Invited Proposal
Size: 74,000 M2 / 800,000 SF
Program: Movie and Media projection, 3D projection, Entertainment, Conference, Office
Client: Tianjin Urban Panning Bureau
Budget: Withtheld
Status: Ongoing

China has in recent years become the second largest producer and consumer of movies. With this as a starting point, the Bolong 3D Movie Museum and Mediatek is imagined as the cornerstone of a new media park in Tianjin.

The building design takes it inspiration from the clouds, emphasizing ideas of creativity and inspiration.

Each of the buildings programs is encapsulated in its own sphere, creating a series of unique spatial experiences as visitors move through the building. Entering the lobby, visitors are asked to explore the interior universe via series of different public paths, each offering its own unique way of exploring the building.

The Bolong 3D museum offers state of the art projection capabilities mixed with playful and engaging architectural design. The building will serve as the pivot point for the new Bolong Film Festival as well as house the James Cameron Avatar Experience Center.