Coleman Oval Skatepark Competition

Location: Coleman Oval Park, Manhattan, New York.
Type: Invited Competition.
Size: 4500 M2 / 48,000 SF.
Program: Playground, Skate Park, Public Park, Stage, Dog Run, Base Ball Field  & Sports Program.
Client: Architecture for Humanity & Nike.
Completion: First phase completed August, 2012.
Role: HAO Concept Design & Programmatic Planning.

Coleman Oval Park, situated partially under the Manhattan Bridge on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, represents one of many areas within densely populated cities that fall in the category of forgotten space. Conceived as a classic public park, years of neglect and under-use has rendered the area derelict and run down. Initially equipped with standard NYC Parks programs, it no longer served the diverse population that now surrounds it.

With the new skate park and seating area as the cornerstone of the revitalization of the larger Coleman Oval Park, the new design proposes a plug-and-play solution that can be developed in phases while still establishing a strong unified architectural solution.

By creating a park that emphasizes and underlines local diversity, Coleman Oval Park has the potential to become a one of a kind city park simply by accommodating the potential of the dense urban area and demographic within which it sits — the secret is in the mix.

With the first phase complete, the Coleman Oval Skate Park has become one of the most heavily trafficked skate parks in New York City.