Creative Time Pavilion

Location: Times Square, New York.
Type: Competition, Prize. Size: 3500 SF.
Program: Exhibition
Budget: $10.000.
Client: Times Square Alliance.

While small, the Creative Time Information Booth occupies the center of one of the most important and best known public spaces in the world, Times Square.

Creative Time is a non-profit organization that will launch a series of exhibits in Times Square in 2004 and 2005. The Duffy Square Hub will be the central point of the exhibits, providing information and orientation.

The proposal is a floating silver box that hovers three feet above the existing subway grating. Entering by way of one of two openings in the sides, one is immersed in a completely different environment: a cultural grotto in the center of Manhattan. Gently curving display walls, sound environments, an arts library and skylights exposing a bare sky without skyline are designed to allow visitors an entirely different spatial experience.

The building is created from high tech sprayed foam. The light weight allows the structure to be raised during the day, allowing visitors to enter, and lowered during night for security by means of an ordinary car jack.