Daegu Library

Location: Daegu, Korea.
Program: Library, Media and Community Center.
Collaborators: Jiwoon You.
Size: 3000 M2 / 32,000 SF.
Status: Competition, Result Pending.
Client: Daegu Municipality.

The proposal for the Daegu Library competition site sits in the heart of Daegu city, the 3rd largest city in South Korea. The building consists of a multilayered stacked box that compresses the physical library program and maximizes the open, public space around it.

The building incorporates multifunctional programmatic ideas creating a fully open and flexible ground floor with possibilities for alternative programming and events while the upper floors in the building services specific programs such as reading room, childrens space and office space.

The program elements of the Daegu Library includes performance spaces, meeting rooms and community reading areas. This unification of public programs along with the open design emphasizes the possibility for the community to use the building as a 24 hour facility that  serves all aspects of the local community as both knowledge and information center.

The library design emphasizes traditional Korean building materials, with the library main structure being wood and double layered, insulated glass envelope that creates direct physical connections to the buildings exterior and creates and open and inviting public setting.