Dallas Theater

Location: Dallas, Texas.
Type: Commission with OMA Rotterdam.
Size: 10,000 M2 / 110,000 SF.
Program: Exhibition Space, Multiform Theater, Office, Library, Shop, Restaurant.
Client: Dallas Theater.

The Dallas Theater project is situated within the new arts district in downtown Dallas, Texas, next an array of other newly commissioned projects: and opera house by Norman Foster Architects, a sculpture Garden by Renzo Piano and the Booker T. Washington high school by Allied Work Architects.

The Dallas theater is designed to optimise flexibility, allowing the actors and directors to utilize the building in an array of different spatial configurations. The main program, the theater itself occupies the raised ground floor, surrounded by flexible and adjustable seating walls.

Above and below the main theater, office space and rehearsal spaces, loading docks creates a sandwich that defines the buildings footprint. The Dallas theater was eventually redesigned around the same parameters and built in 2009.