Double Moon Installation

Location: Greenpoint Waterfront, Brooklyn
Type: Short Listed Competition Entry
Size: 50 M2 / 500 SF
Program: Art Installation
Client: Nuit Blanche

For this year’s Nuit Blanche / Bring The Night to Light Festival in Brooklyn, New York, we propose a similar celebration, this time of the night.

The Double Moon installation aims to inspire imagination and focus attention on things that, while often taken for granted, define our daily—and nightly—lives.

The proposed site was chosen because it offers a well-framed visual connection between Brooklyn and Manhattan. The forced perspective of the streets creates a set view corridor and the one directionality of the street assures that visitors will have the full visual impact of the installation.

For a few hours on October 6, coinciding with a full moon, viewers in Green point looking toward Manhattan will see not one, but two moons in the sky.