Falkoner Gaarden School

Location: Falkoner Gaarden Gymnasium, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Program: Educational.
Type: Open Competition.
Size: 2550 M2
Client: Falkoner Gaarden Gymnasium.
Collaborators: Vamos Architects.

The Falkoner Gaarden Gymnasium was built in 1955 as an example of classic Danish architecture. When it was originally constructed is was designed as two main buildings combined by an entry hall. This configuration poses a series of circulation issues due to long dead end corridors and the inability to move from each of the two main building wings without having to walk all the way back to the main entry point.

The HAO proposal seeks to reunite the two wings of the existing buildings by introducing a learning loop. This new addition allows for better connectivity and the ability to integrate new and unique spaces for learning and sport.

The new building addition sits as a unifying element between the existing school body and the new sports facilities, incorporating new and old elements through connections, program and materials.