Hamburg Sky Park

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Type: Open Competition, Shortlisted Proposal
Size: 17,000 M2 / 180,000 SF
Program: Residential, Commercial, Hostel, Park, Sport, Kindergarten
Client: NA
Budget: NA
Status: Open Competition, Shortlisted Proposal

For the Hamburg Hybrid Housing competition we propose a building that optimizes possibilities for its inhabitants and folds seamlessly into the existing urban fabric, a building that is simultaneously 100% public and 100% private. Situated along Reeperbahn, the building dips down to become a continuation of the existing street, creating a continuous public loop, a Sky Park, that encourages visitors to explore, rest and play along its path. Commercial programs and community spaces, sports facilities, cafes and childrens play spaces, engage the Sky Park along the walk and at the top the building provides restaurant space with ground level elevator access and a 360 degree view of Reeperbahn, Hafen City and Hamburg as a whole.

Stacked under the sky park towards the action filled Reeperbahn and Taubenstrasse, the university students and the hostel make up the majority of the apartments with single and one family apartments towards the top. Towards Kastanienallee the majority of the elderly apartments and larger family units enjoy the relative piece and quite of the existing residential neighborhood. Continuous interior stacked parking allow residents to drive straight in, up and park in front of their apartments while also connecting directly to sports and community programs such as cafes, basketball and tennis courts and kindergartens to name a few.

At its core, the Hamburg Sky Park is a mixed use exploratorium that offers private and secluded living areas while embracing its vibrant surroundings.