Performa City

Location: New York, NY
Type: Invited Competition, Finalist
Size: 1000 M2 / 10,000 SF
Program: Performance & Exhibition Space
Client: RoseLee Goldberg / Performa
Budget: $25,000

The Performa 15 Hub proposes a merger of design and performance, a Performa City with architecture as performers, composed of two theatrical and architectural archetypes: the Players and the Field.

Similar to the diversity of the city, the Players and the Field allows for simultaneous activity of varying intensities within the same space at the same time. The Players are simultaneously specific and flexible, providing opportunities both as stand-alone objects and as part of a larger interplay with the Field, creating virtually endless opportunities for exploration, playfulness, intimacy, discovery and surprise.

The Field defines the stage for the Players, adding a combination of fixed elements as a backdrop for the changing Player configurations. In the front, the lounge pillow provides opportunities for casual meetings; in the back the forum creates a backdrop for larger performances. The five Players each hold specific interior program and lighting, can be opened to create dynamic relationships between interior and exterior, can be moved to set up flexible spaces, serve as projection backdrops, or simply nest along the edge of the Field to allow for a clean space.