Play Loop

Location: Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand.
Program: Playground.
Type: Open Competition Size: 300 M2 / 3000 SF.
Budget: $ 5000.

The Playloop focuses on creating an imaginative framework, encouraging children to move, create and interact along a ongoing loop of exploration. By utilizing the perimeter of the site Playloop inverts the traditional, centralized playground layout, creating a path of exploration with a variety of experiences along the way. The Playloop is an ever-changing route, where children can discover and engage through both cognitive and motor skills. Where the Playloop overlaps it defines three zones that can be programmed individually to establish focused areas of play, leaving these interior spaces free for group activities, games and projects. A variety of elevations, slopes, twists and turns incorporated into the Playloop design offers limitless opportunities for children to climb, swing, crawl, slide etc. resulting in new and innovative ways of playing along the path. Along the Playloop route a series of objects and installations interact with the path creating engaging and imaginative possibilities that challenge children to uses both imagination and motor skills to complete the loop. The various installations along the loop that occupies the three defined areas, the Stepping Forest, Tire Towers and Sculpture Park are constructed from eucalyptus logs and recycled tires and can be changed and modified over time as the playground design evolves.