Pulsen Community Center

Location: Balling, Denmark.
Type: Open Competition.
Size: 3500 M2 / 38,000 SF Building. 18,500 M2 / 200.000 SF Landscape.
Program: Community Center & Sports Facility.
Client: City of Balling.

The sports and community center Pulsen unites an array of exiting facilities under one roof. With a combination of baths, fitness areas, doctor offices and a community gathering spaces the design creates a unique new building typology, which aims at promoting interaction and creativity for all the inhabitants of Balling.

Pulsen is designed around a central space that allows for entry from two main access points, uniting the existing pedestrian routes in the area. This central area serves as an informal living room for the city and connects directly to all the new building facilities, providing easy access to all the buildings program elements.

A new sports park area surrounds and interacts with the new building offering a wide array of fitness and sports activities for both winter and summer making the Pulsen the new pivot point for activities and interaction in the city of Balling. The building design incorporates several green building technologies making it close to energy neutral making it a landmark development in green building design.