Qingdao Master Plan

Location: Qingdao, China
Type: Invited Competition, 1st Prize
Size: 190,000 M2 / 46 Acres
Program: Movie Studios & Theaters, Office, Residential, Commercial and Museum
Client: Sunshine New Real Estate CO. Ltd.
Budget: Withheld
Status: Ongoing

In addition to its famous Qingdao beer, the city of Qingdao has long been a key tourist and film-production destination in northern China. The design for the Qingdao Master Plan seeks to further develop and expand the existing elements of the city; the site is situated within the city of Qingdao and is conveniently located five minutes drive from the airport.

The site is divided into three main areas separated by existing roads. Site A is defined as a new cultural center with sites B & C comprising of mixed use residential program. To link the three areas together, we have introduced a sunken cultural path that leads visitors through the entire programmatic experience of the new master plan.

The Culture Path contains three courtyards creating possibilities for flexible outdoor venues, assuring a constantly changing experience for the visitor. From the individual courtyards, there is direct access to a rich blend of high-end retail, grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters and museums.

Sites B&C create a diverse urban mix of high, medium and low-income housing set in a lush landscape. Within the residential area, community and recreational programs such as kindergartens and sports facilities are placed throughout to activate the area as a whole and create unique neighbourhood experiences. Each of the residential units in sites B&C are situated to maximize use of sunlight and natural ventilation.