Rainbow Pavilion

Location: Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island, NY.
Type: Competition.
Size: 100 M2 / 1000 SF.
Program: Lounge.
Budget: $5000.

The original architectural folly of the 19th century created focal points within manicured landscapes. The folly sought to integrate nature and building in a romantic setting, using predetermined views to create points of interest and enable  the visitor to see the surroundings in new ways. With the Rainbow Folly we propose a similar interaction between the real and the romantic.

Deploying utilitarian means and materials, the Rainbow Folly is designed as one continuous band that folds on itself to construct a natural loop, a man made device creating an immersive replica of its natural counterpart. While the Rainbow Folly from afar seems uninhabitable, a singular object without entry points, once approached it reveals three openings, allowing visitors to enter and occupy the rainbow’s center. Once inside, the surrounding world is viewed through undulating colours, at times overlapping, creating new tones, variations and realities. The Rainbow Folly acts as a playful filter upon the outside world.

The Rainbow Folly offers visitors the rare opportunity to see the physical world in a new light by heightening aspects of  the surroundings and creating a completely new perspective: a view from within the Rainbow.