Tianjin Hotel

Location: Tianjin, China
Type: Invited Proposal
Size: 34000 M2 / 370,000 SF
Program: 250 Room Hotel, Lobby, Conference Center, Restaurant, Fitness Club, Gardens and Gallery
Client: Withheld
Budget: Withheld
Status: Ongoing

The Tianjin Hotel project is located in the center of Tianjin in Northern China. The building design incorporates the traditional hotel amenities such as conference rooms, restaurants and fitness areas with a state of the art  exhibition center showcasing local and global artists.

The hotel lobby functions both as check in for the hotel itself as well as a changing gallery space which offers opportunities to integrate exhibitions, creating a continuously changing lobby environment.

The hotel has a total of 250 rooms including single and double rooms as well as suites with fireplaces. The hotel experience is designed as an extension of the travellers living room incorporating ideas of art, libraries and lunge areas into both the public areas as well as the private rooms.

The hotel amenities  includes garden areas and a roof top pool as well as private terraces for events and celebrations, offering inviting settings for guests and visitors alike.