UNA Global Planning

Location: North America.
Program: Energy Planning.
Type: Buckminster Fuller Competition.
Size: North American Continent.

The UNA proposal looks at the border areas between Mexico, the United States and Canada as shared zones of electrifying potential. The border between Mexico and the United States runs through some of the sunniest land on the planet while the border between the United States and Canada runs through some of the windiest areas in North America. Both of these areas have some of the lowest population levels in North America, rendering vast areas of land available.

By implementing knowledge from existing solar power plants operating in the Mojave Desert and from wind farms operating globally, we are faced with a unique opportunity. By setting aside a 20-mile zone along the borders of Mexico, the United States and Canada, sufficient land with immense energy potential would be available to generate enough clean electricity to completely offset the electricity needs of all three countries combined.

Welcome to UNA – United North America.