UniverCity Workshop

Location: Aalborg, Denmark.
Type: Research Masterplan.
Size: NA.
Program: Exhibition, Education & Cultural Facilities.
Client: Allborg School of Architecture.
Completion: Exhibition 2006.

Aalborg is a city uniquely positioned to re-invent itself. Unlike other cities, Aalborg could, by simply enhancing its existing parameters, successfully engage a new and vibrant urban form. We proposed exploring a scenario based on two simple observations: The age of the post-industrial city has begun.

Cities will have to look for new financial and cultural generators in order to remain attractive. To a larger degree than ever before, cities are required to provide and engage on all levels. The growth of any given city is defined by its ability to evolve; if a city fails to engage, it will become obsolete. The role of universities has changed. From the traditional position of educational facilities they are rapidly becoming knowledge generators.

Like industries of the past, an economy of knowledge is growing, transforming universities from passive institutions to defining attractors. Exchanging the traditional industries of the city with knowledge-based institutions would allow Aalborg to emerge as a city of knowledge. A merging of the City and the University would position Aalborg as a global enterprise with the ability to attract global talent. It would engage it inhabitants on new levels of knowledge, economy and exploration.