WAF Finalist 2014

Location: WAF Finalist 2014
Type: Award

HAO’s competition winning design for the Eco City Master Plan has been chosen as a finalist at the 2014 World Architecture Festival held annually in Singapore.

“WAF Awards, the ‘Oscars of Architecture’, sit at the heart of the Festival, the foremost conference and exhibition event in global architecture. In a unique format, keynote talks from the industry’s leading lights sit alongside presentations from award finalists, live judging and multiple conference sessions. And it’s all enjoyed by the WAF community of 2,000 delegates from around the world.”


“The entire master plan sits on a raised plateau, allocating traffic and service to a lower level, establishing the new Eco City Master Plan as a green pedestrian oasis within the new Binhai area development. In this way, each of the new cultural buildings are closely connected to the new Central Business District below the raised plateau, sharing both loading and parking areas.

As part of the design strategy, both the CBD and the cultural buildings are all designed to minimize energy use and incorporate ideas of passive building design, utilizes solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling. These strategies allow for the overall master plan to achieve near zero CO2 impact on the environment.”