WAF Finalist 2013

HAO’s competition winning design for Samaranch Memorial Museum has been chosen as a finalist at the 2013 World Architecture Festival held annually in Singapore.

“WAF Awards, the ‘Oscars of Architecture’, sit at the heart of the Festival, the foremost conference and exhibition event in global architecture. In a unique format, keynote talks from the industry’s leading lights sit alongside presentations from award finalists, live judging and multiple conference sessions. And it’s all enjoyed by the WAF community of 2,000 delegates from around the world.”


“With the design of the Samaranch Memorial Museum two existing typologies merge: the memorial and the museum. The five interlocking rings of the Olympic Logo serves as the foundation for the building’s design: together the five rings create a continuous loop, taking the visitor through both the exhibition and memorial areas. This combination allows the building to both honour the life of Juan Antonio Samaranch while simultaneously creating a place that focuses on the true legacy of the Olympics: creating opportunities for people to meet and celebrate across cultural and geographical boundaries.

The museum is designed to take full advantage of green technologies and utilizes ZIP panels connected to a Geo Thermal system for heating and cooling as well as integrated PV cells on the roof to generate solar powered electricity. These combined technologies should enable the museum to reduce its energy dependency by a minimum of 40 percent.”