Wave Villa

Location: West Coast, Denmark
Type: Comission
Size: 1,500 M2 / 20,000
Program: Residential, Summer House
Client: Wihtheld
Budget: Withheld
Status: Ongoing

The Wave Villa is situated at the very edge of land and see on the west coast of Denmark. The area is known for its rough inland beauty and some of the best beaches in the country, making it a destination for tourists and locals alike.

The design of the villa takes its cue from the rolling waves of the North Sea and the surrounding dunes, creating a layout that connect seamlessly with the open landscape and set up spectacular views of the water. All he interior rooms are arranged along a North / South axis with each room overlooking the sea and beach directly with direct access to the exterior terrace that runs the full length of the house.

The villa has three bedrooms as well as two guest bedrooms. On the ground floor of the villa, an interior garage space connects directly to the kitchen and from there, the dining and living room. On the upper level the master bedroom and two children’s bedrooms have separate bathrooms.To allow for maximal privacy for both the family and guests, the guest residence is pushed out from the main building and connected by the undulating roof. This sets up the buildings unique roof shape and creates a natural centralized entry point that frames views of the setting sun.